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Wall Street Institute has always offered you the maximum flexibility in studying English and in the personalisation of your course. Today we can offer you an even more comfortable choice: English Anytime.
English Anytime is an exclusive on-line service that has been developed by our linguists in accordance with a proven learning model as an intergral part of a method; the Wall Street Institute method naturally, which demonstarted its validity and effectiveness in over 30 years of experience in the teaching of the English language.
With English Anytime your Wall Street Institute course starts with your mouse and continues in tune with your rhythms.

Your English course at your fingertips


All the comfort of internet, all the quality of Wall Street Institute.
Is your busy schedule keeping you from attending your Centre?
Do you want some extra exercises to get in even more practice?
Would you like to study in a more private space?
Well,...you've got it! Today, with English Anytime, all you need is an Internet connection and you do all your Speaking Center activities wherever and whenever you want, at home or in the office.


Innovative technology, proven effectiveness. English Anytime is not an e-learning programme, but rather, your English course on-line. Naturally, as always, you'll still also be able to test and improve your skills with teachers and students within your Centre, participating in all of the other activities that you normally do at Wall Street. Thanks to our natural Wall Street Institute learning method and English Anytime, you'll be able to learn quickly and save lots of time.


Assistence is guaranteed, wherever you may be. By choosing English Anytime you can count on the security and quality of the Wall Street Institute method. There are so many occasions for you to check your progress and test out what you've you learnt with both teachers and other students and, if you'd like, to monitor your progress via the Student Profile: a statistical summary of all the exercises you've done. You'll always have you Didactic Consultant at your disposal and access to a technical help desk via e-mail or telephone.

The advantages of English Anytime

Aside from the proven benefits of the Wall Street method, here's a summary of the advantages of English Anytime:

1) Even more personalised:

Flexibile study timetable:
  • you can study at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • you will save so much time and money (travelling, petrol, parking and the intrinsic value of your time)
Flexibile study location:
  • you can study at home, at work, while travelling,...wherever there's an Internet connection
  • you can study in your Wall Street Institute Speaking Centre
It's all up to you :
  • it's your life, it's your study programme: " you live, you learn"
  • you have direct access to your Student Study Profile, which gives you an immediate and updated overview of your growth and the progress you've made in your studies
  • your study programme is even more personalised
Even more fun

2) Even more fun:

New and updated activities:
  • the "Friends and Fun" Area
  • the optional supplementari exercises
  • the "Audio Dictionary"
  • the "Quick Grammar Guide"
  • the "Complete Grammar Guide"
  • the "Executive English Glossary"
Technical advantages:
  • your course is more dynamic: easier to update modify, intergrate and improve
  • sans CD ROM and floppy disc, the risk of technical problems dimishes